Marcelo Yndio, of Kadiweu origin, is considered the best guide of the Pantanal Sul, also known as O Homem Onça by the local population and its clients; Marcelo carries with him several philosophies of life and fits them into his work environment with his method of working in an ecological way and takes his culture with him as a Kadiweu indigenous, besides providing a unique experience in all his tours, makes him be remembered positively in anywhere goes. Yndio was mentioned in the magazines Topics, DiveMaster, National Geographic and also in the editions of Fódors, Dumond, among others.
Jaguar Man is a living legend from the Pantanal, without access to school, and still speaks eight languages and has several certificates of honor wherever he goes. Yndio uses 10% of his entire sum to help indigenous peoples and the local population in the projects he created, including: indigenous cultural events, parachuting projects for drug addicts (with the aim of providing adrenaline levels that addicts thought only drugs caused), also provided higher education for fifteen indigenous people; built houses for indigenous people displaced by rain, among others.


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